Setup Dialup Internet Connection in Windows 7

Getting to Internet Options
  • Click on Start, then Control Panel.
  • Click Network and Internet Options.
  • Click the Internet Options link.

Entering Setup

  • Click the Connections tab at the top.
  • Click the Setup button.

Set up a dial-up connection

  • Dial-up phone number - Enter the local dialup phone number (without area code!) for where you live. For Sumter County enter 793-6200 and leave the area code blank. If you have call waiting and wish to deactivate this feature while you are on-line, click the link to the right "Dialing Rules" and type in *70 where it says "If you dial a number to access an outside line, what is it?"
  • Username: Type your Sum.Net username in small letters. Please include
  • Password: Type in your password.
  • Connection name: Type in Sum.Net for your connection name.
  • Click Connect.

Completing the Setup Wizard

  • If your computer is not connected to a phone line, it will report the connection unsuccessful. Click Setup connection anyway.
  • Press the Close button if it appears to finish setup.


  • To access the Internet go to the Windows 7 start button.
  • Click Connect To.
  • Select Sum.Net.
  • Press Connect.

You have now set up Windows 7 to connect to Sum.Net. If you would like to set up to send and receive email click here to go to the email setup instructions.