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Step by Step information to get your computer setup with your dialup connection and email.
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Dialup & Email Setup Instructions

Dialup Setup
There are a couple of ways you can set up your Dial-Up connection in Windows. You can either go through the Internet Connection Wizard or set up the connection manually.

The Internet Connection Wizard will walk you through steps to configure your computer to connect to the internet. In Windows 95/98/ME the Internet Connection Wizard will also walk you through setting up the email account as well in Outlook Express. The Windows XP Internet Connection Wizard will just set up the Dial Up connection.

Setting up the connection manually is just another way to create a connection. Depending on what Windows version you have there may be some extra steps you need to take.

Click on the appropriate setup option below for your operating system:
Email Setup
Here are instructions to set up the most popular email programs, including Outlook Express which comes with all Windows systems. If you have an email program not listed below, give us a call for help.

Click on the appropriate email program below for your operating system:



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